eLITHE aims to revolutionise the ceramic industry by harnessing renewable electricity to power the thermal processes.

To achieve this, we will implement innovative solutions at three demosites.


Our overarching objective is to design, implement and demonstrate new electrified heating systems for high-temperature processes (>1,000° C) from the ceramic industries sector.
This will ensure a higher system flexibility to expand the use of renewable energies, reducing dependence on fossil fuel-based processes and achieving full decarbonisation.

More specifically, eLITHE aims at:

  1. Replacing fossil-based systems with high-temperature electric heating processes.
  2. Developing digital tools for optimising and scaling electric heating technologies.
  3. Creating innovative and circular materials compatible with electric heating.
  4. Supporting green jobs and improving the competitiveness of EU industries.


eLITHE accelerates the transition of energy-intensive industries towards fully decarbonised and resilient production.

In the long term, by implementing the eLITHE solution on a larger scale at its three pilot sites, the project will avoid over 97,000 tons of CO2 emissions and reduce natural gas consumption by over 505 GWh per year for each fully replaced natural gas-based unit.

    Introducing new viable and competitive technologies to diversify the energy supply for the ceramic sector.

    Contributing to climate change mitigation by ensuring cost-effective decarbonisation of hard-to-abate industrial sectors and supporting green job creation.

    Promoting EU industrial competitiveness, economic growth, and energy independence by enhancing energy efficiency management.


eLITHE brings together a competitive consortium of 18 partners from 9 European countries, including leading technology developers and industrial and research partners representing three high-heat-demand processes in the ceramic industry.